Cresson, PA

The Cresson, Pennsylvania camera is located at MP 251.2 on the NS Pittsburgh Line-Pittsburgh Division. This camera is located in the Eastern time zone and is hosted and supported by RailStream and the Station Inn.

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Altoona, PA Live Railroad Radio Feed

The Altoona live audio feed is located at MP PT 235 on the Pittsburgh Line. The feed is hosted and supported by RailStream and NErailfan11.

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The Station Inn is nine miles west of Horseshoe Curve. In 1866 the Callan brothers, Thomas and William, built the Callan House for vacationing Pittsburghers seeking relief from the city's smoky summer heat. Because Cresson's PRR station stood across the street from the hotel, it also became a regular stop for drummers who traveled by train. C&C trainmen preferred the hotel to the C&C's Cresson bunkhouse. The place has changed since Thomas and William's days. But you can still watch trains from one of our porch rockers, just as you might have a century ago. Standing 150 feet from the NS main, The Inn provides rail enthusiasts comfortable lodging, great breakfasts and, still....... lots of trains.

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